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Mount Ai-Petry – Crimea, Ukraine

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December 9, 2017

One of the highest peaks of Crimea, part of the Crimean mountains, Mount Ai-Petry is an amazing place to visit.

With 1,234 meters of hight (4048.55 feet), it is considered the windiest peak in Ukraine. Located in above the city of Alupka and the town of Koreiz (south of Ukraine), it´s a known place for hikers and nature lovers.


You can take a ride up on Cablecar ascending Ai-Petri and from there walk on the cable bridges to the Cliff Shishko, the observation point, from which you can get an infinite view of the Black Sea, simply breathtaking.

On the top, you will also find a fairytale town, where you can find local cafes and places to try national Tatar cuisine, treat yourself to eastern sweets, and try the delicious Crimean wine, the best of local cuisine.


Next to mount Ai-Petry you have another attraction, cave ‘Trehglazka'. With zero-degree temperatures all year, this magnificent cave has the floor covered with several meters of ice.


Beautiful Landscape and Amazing Waterfall Uchan-Su

If you decide to go by car, following the highway Yalta – Bakhchysarai, surrounded by beautiful landscape, you will find the highest waterfall in Ukraine, Uchan-Su (‘Flying Water’). Twice the size of Niagara fall, an altitude of almost 400 meters above sea level, falling from the 100-meter-high cliff, this waterfall is best to see when the snow starts to melt and after heavy rains (Springtime). During summer practically dries and on winter it freezes. To get there you have a trail, leading to the waterfall.

Activities all year to enjoy

In the summer season, you can ride horses, mountain bicycle, hiking and rent jeeps or paraglide. In the winter, for the snow lovers, you have amazing paths for skiing, snowboarding and snowmobile racing.

Planning ahead before taking the road

You need to make some research before you take the road. There have been some changes due to the current subject of a territorial dispute between the Russian Federation and Ukraine. It might be required a Russian visa to enter the Crimean Peninsula. With this in consideration, the closest airport is the Simferopol International Airport. From there you can take a bus or rent a car if your planning to go to several places. You can also travel from Kiev to Sevastopol (Sevastopol International Airport).


Russia, the Crimea , Yalta, Moutain Ai-Petri,
  • Nearest City: Alupka
  • Nearest Airport:
    Simferopol International Airport, 108 km
  • Other transports available:
    To get from Yalta to Miskhor, you can take bus № 27 from Yalta’s transit station and bus № 32 from the flea market.
  • Close by points of interest:
    For the lovers of hiking, you can also visit Roman-Kosh Mountain peak – 20/30 kilometres from Mount Ai-Petry.
    Vorontsov Palace, in Alupka, is an amazing gothic style mansion built between 1828 and 1848.
    Alupka City.

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